Performance Edge Handgun Disarms Basics

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Facing a firearm is/can be a life or death situation! When all you’re at risk of losing is material possessions, the answer is simple - hand them over. When, on the other hand, you’re at risk of losing your life, your options become much more limited. Handgun disarms are often mocked as unrealistic, but the reality is that if you have never trained any options you do not have any options.

In this video we cover the basics of the Performance Edge handgun disarming program. The material is presented in a format designed to be practiced with a partner while using a blue gun / training gun. Moving along at your own pace you will learn the fundamental steps and how to apply them in several situations. Our program is simple but it is important to remember that simple and easy are not the same thing. You will need to devote practice time to the material and then work to maintain the skill. There are no magic beans!

Follow along as we demonstrate a practical approach to handgun disarms, including drills specifically designed to test what you have learned against active resistance.

Format: Online Streaming

Approx Time: 40 minutes


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***Please note that the file size is rather large. Keep this in mind when you start to watch it as it may take a few moments for it to buffer.***


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Performance Edge Handgun Disarms Basics

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